Senior Citizens and Landscapes

A newly built apartment building built next to a retirement home with flats designed specifically for senior citizens where they can live their independent lives but make use of the retirements home’s services if needed. The hallways of the building are completely in yellow from floor to ceiling. I was commissionend to produce a body of work to break up the monotony of the yellow corridors.

I decided to portray the inhabitants who first moved into the flats as well as some of the surrounding landscape as to tell the story of the place. I had a first informal chat

with each of the participants to get to know each other during which we decided together on how their own individual personality might best be portrayed and asked them for their favorite place in the vincinity. The shooting was conducted at a second appointment and I went back with the images for a third encounter to find out how much the people felt represent by the images and to get their feedback on how they feel about the images. Together we chose one image which was then printed and is now on display in the hallways of the apartment building.