Piemont und Wein

Piedmont and wine are inseperable and often evoke memories of beautiful holidays but also romantic notions about the art of wine making. While it is creative work and inlcudes quiet and reflective moments, it is undoubtebly also very hard work which demands a lot from the workers. This series was shot in autumn 2017 and gives a short glimpse into the art of wine making during harvest time.

Castel Boglio next to Nizza Monferrato

Using a straw hat as position marker

Using a straw hat as position marker

Buckets to carry the grapes to the tractor

Manual picking for better quality

Finishing work before lunchtime and before it gets to hot

Shovelling pomace (skins etc.left over after pressing the grapes)

Unloading freshly picked grapes

Relaxing in the cellar and preparing drinks with Bitter (Erba Volant) after work