Sandro Georgi


I am passionate about stories and documentaries, as well as occasionally shooting still life. 

Quality is my ultimate goal while difficult conditions do not deter me from achieving a perfect job and I am an experienced team player. 

I am determined, with an eye for graphical details, simplicity, clear lines, forms, and structures.



Oficial Fujifilm X-Photographer


- Photo 18 in Zurich, Wein und Piemont

- Photo17 in Zurich, @NationalGallery, #Art, #Vacation, #London
- Article on Fujilove, Review of the new X100F

- Official Fujifilm X-Photographer
- Article in Create (Fuji Switzerland Customer Magazine)
- Magnum Intensive Documentary Photography Course, London
- Article on Fujilove, Cape Verde Islands

- @Expo 2015 Milano, Swiss Pavillon
- cap Works 2016, Zurich

2014 - 2015
- cap professional photo school, Zurich


  • ChangeUp, Bern
  • City Notfall AG, Bern
  • Die Speiche, Bern
  • Donor Care Association (DCA), Zürich
  • Fujifilm Switzerland, Dielsdorf
  • Fujilove, Luzern
  • Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Universität St. Gallen
  • LocalMed Ärztezentrum, Bern
  • Patient Worthy, USA
  • Schott Weine, Twann
  • Snow Companies, USA
  • Shire, Deutschland
  • Structur, Ins

Some of the clients I have worked with